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Before I teach a lesson on a topic, I always provide vocabulary for my students.  In fact, all students in my class write down at least two new words every week. Words are powerful to learn and vocabulary something I never skip over. 


What is vocabulary you ask?  It's a range of words related to a topic that help learners understand an idea.   If your mom asked if you wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but you didn't know what jelly was, it would be hard to answer the question, right? 

The words covered in the video below establishes a foundation of knowledge for our practice and project activities.  Don't worry, I use visuals to make it fun.  When you are done, you'll know something new and that is always a plus for aspiring artists!!!

There are many words to help us understand color, but the central tool used is the COLOR WHEEL and how it was invented is so incredible!  So go ahead and watch the video below so you can see why I am a huge fan of Sir Isaac Newton!

Image by Math

Color is so expansive just like numbers!  Isn't it cool to know a mathematician invented the color wheel that helped us understand this truth?  If you keep mixing a color, you can multiply it into thousands of colors!

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