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PRACTICE: Ages 13+

Who can resist a rainbow?  No matter what age I am, I hope I never lose the wonder of painting one.  So roll up your sleeves and get your work area ready!  It is time to open up those paints!!!!

Before we can paint a rainbow, we must get our watercolors ready. 

This takes a little time and patience so the colors are in the right order and mixed correctly.  Try your best to match the order to the color wheel in your art box.  Don't worry if it isn't perfect.  This is probably your first time creating a palette with watercolor.  I make steps look easy, but remember, I've had years and YEARS of practice. 

1st step: Take out items


- one sheet of watercolor paper

- color wheel visual

- pipette (clear eyedropper)

- palette (white circle with trays)

- watercolor set (unwrap the plastic)

- cup of water (not pictured)

2nd step: add color!


We will arrange color clock-wise like the above picture. 

Each tray around the palette is called a "well" because it holds liquid.

- Well #1: Carmine

- Well #2: Vermillion

- Well #3: 75% Vermillion + 25% Yellow Ochre

- Well #4: Yellow Ochre

- Well #5: 75% Yellow Ochre + 25% Viridian

- Well #6: Viridian

- Well #7: 75% Cobalt Blue + 25% Viridian

- Well #8: Prussian Blue

- Well #9: 75% Carmine + 25% Prussian Blue

- Well #10:  90% Carmine + 10% Prussian Blue

3rd step: watch below

Once you have each paint tray filled, be sure to mix the water and paint together completely. It should be a thin, watery consistency.

Don't overfill the trays.  It can cause accidental mixture.

4th step: rainbow ready?

If you are ready to start a rainbow, watch the full tutorial below.  Remember to be patient with as you work!

Also know that learning color order is part of the process. :)


Optional activity for younger learners. ^^^


A glimpse of the rainbow activity. ^^^

Sharing opportunity: #iDIYdidIT

5th step: watch the video

Image by Math

If you have finished the activity, CONGRATULATIONS on painting your first rainbow with me!!!  Wasn't that fun?!?

(Did you experience stormy clouds while you painted? Message me here and include a photo.)

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