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making the arts
accessible to all

DIY #ARTreach is a partnership between DIY Art Studio and Valparaiso Creative Council, with the goal of GIVING THE ARTS in whatever way we can!

Please submit your information below if you would like to be a featured artist, supportive sponsor, or a recipient of upcoming #ARTreach initiatives.


If you are a local artist to the northwest Indiana region, please feel free to submit your information to be considered for partnership with #ARTreach initiatives. We would love to highlight your talent in our seasonal themed DIY boxes.  Submitting an application means you will remain connected to all communication and invitations! 

You can apply here.


We love when businesses and the community support the arts!  You can donate any amount to our #ARTreach campaign and will be listed in our marketing and DIY kits.  Exclusive sponsors at levels of $500 and above will be highlighted in even more ways!  Please submit the form below to be considered in our Winter DIY #ARTreach program.

You can view/download the form here.


If you have an individual, organization, or program that would benefit from Art Education, please submit your information at the form below.  #ARTreach depends entirely on funding received for each season, so if you are not selected on our next round, we will keep your application on file for the next session. 

Submit your information here.

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