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Hello! Thanks for checking out DIY Art Studio!

This platform has been a dream of mine for quite some time. Years in fact. Prior to teaching elementary art, I operated my own graphic design business. When I became a teacher, that old role felt like a distant part of me. Over time I found that creating art lessons for students pushed me to develop more visuals, more ideas, more projects with graphics at the forefront.  I realized that both of my worlds, education + design, did not have to remain 'separate' in fact it was natural to marry both passions.

I've taught 12+ years as an elementary Art educator in Indiana public schools. Over and over, my students reveal how they wish they had more than one hour of Art each week.

As #2020 hit, I was pushed to provide online lessons during quarantine.  So, my vision to extend art outside the conventional classroom "accidentally" began.


Art class doesn't ONLY have to take place in the four walls of "school". 


 'CREATE Outside the Box" emerged!  I am grateful to God for orchestrating key details, allowing me to gain the perspective needed for its development, construction, and implementation.

My intention is to build an Art room that never closes its doors...  Art delivered every day. 

It is my goal to extend creative DIY experiences (because YES you can do it) to diverse learners of all interests, abilities, and AGE. 


We were born into creation to CREATE!

I am here to help everyone tap into that truth.  Take a sneak peek into the box this month and see where DIY Art Studio creativity can take you. :)

artistically yours,


in-person DIY

at-home DIY

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