Hello! Thanks for checking out DIY Art Studio!

This platform has been a dream of mine for quite some time. Years in fact. Prior to teaching elementary art, I operated my own graphic design business for six years. The desire to create visual designs never left my heart, so I learned to incorporate that passion into the educative realm.  I've found exciting ways to visually engage learners through delivery of instruction, the process of creation, and via school-related events, fundraisers, + festivals. Students gravitated to my creations in meaningful ways. They pushed me to keep developing more visuals, more ideas, more lessons with designs at the forefront.  I realized that both of my worlds, education + design, did not have to remain 'separate' in fact it was time for both to collide.

My intention is to build an Art room that never closes its doors.  Art delivered every day.  Every creators dream, right?


I've taught 9 years as an elementary Art educator in Indiana public schools. Over and over, my students reveal how they wish they had more than one hour of Art each week. It is safe to say that I can only fit so many art sections in five days. Such are the constraints of an art teacher servicing 500+ kiddos in 40 hours a week. Time is limited, but the appetite for creative outlets is not.


Year after year, kiddo after kiddo, I kept getting asked for more time in Art. Eventually, it hit me: 


Art class doesn't ONLY have to take place in the four walls of my proverbial "school". 


It was then that I decided to 'CREATE outside of the box".  Immediately, the vision for this studio started to reveal itself in unexpected ways. I am grateful to God for orchestrating key details, allowing me to gain the perspective needed for its development, construction, and implementation. I am also thankful to the many people He put in place to help support my dream.  The number of people continues to grow and I am extremely grateful for each and every soul who unselfishly lend their own ideas to help me formulate mine.

While piecing parts of my own creative puzzle together, I realized there is also a disparity for the majority of adults who are seemingly disconnected from their own creative selves. Children aren't the only ones destined to create.  As adults we rely on our intuitive form of inventiveness no matter what occupation we have. This truth was revealed in moments throughout my teaching career when parents, colleagues, administrators, and people within the community would say things like "I don't have an artistic bone in my body." 


Is that really true? No.

The absolute truth is, we are all born into creation TO CREATE.

Yet as we age, we disconnect from this truth. Why?


As a result of this revelation, I decided to provide unique DIY  art opportunities for both children and adults.  Initially this will be accomplished through online, off-site, and eventually an on-site location in Valparaiso, IN.

In 2019 get ready for...

  • DIY Events: Off-site events with key partners like Anderson Winery, Here Magazine, and The Boardroom are being added to the calendar!

  • DIY Art Store: Personally designed merchandise will be available for purchase and you guessed it! Personalized DIY designs will be able to be created by YOU!

  • DIY Art Academy: Learners can explore the world of art outside the four walls of their school through engaging curriculum and projects that build key creative skills. If you wish to enroll your K-12 artist in the pilot phase of this platform, sign up here.