the LOVE box!


This #LOVEbox is an exploration of watercolor pencils, a perfect way to explore how to create value and blending.  The versatility of this medium teaches you how to use pencil, but then with a bit of water... voila! It becomes a painting!

What I love most about watercolor pencils is they are great for any age and you can add as many layers as you like, even leaving the top layer as pencil in areas. 


It wouldn't be #theLOVEbox if I didn't include hearts somehow right?  This box offers so many choices for you as the creator.  But first... we must learn the essential vocabulary to get you started.


Below you will watch a quick video about value, spacing, pressure, and blending.  Each word helps to guide you through the activities this box has to offer. 

Click below to get started on your vocabulary journey. ;)

^^^ Value vocabulary video

^^^  Value Practice tutorial


Once you are finished with both videos, click "next" to move onto your #LOVEbox projects.


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