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the cut-out box!

project 1: 3d name build

It's time to create your name into art!  Since you learned how to make your letters into shapes, now we will learn how to design the letters, cut them out, and arrange them!  The video below will provide visuals for every step.  This process can be broken up into segments if it takes longer than expected.  Depending on the amount of letters in your name and sizes of your shapes, you may need to take extra time for designing both sides with marker. :)

Materials:  White sheet of paper, pencil, scissors, markers, tape

Two Options:

2d flat layout

3d build layout


You can choose to keep your name 2D by arranging it flat on the provided black paper square (1st example shown above), or you can turn it 3D by bending, leaning, and placing letters on and around one another with tape (2nd example above).  Both create a fun, colorful version of your name for others to see.

Image by Math

Once you are done with your "3D name build" you can move onto the "Flipped leaf design" by clicking next below.


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