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the LOVE box!

project 1: Put your <3 into it

It's time to jump into the fun!  For this box, you have three choices.  You have two half sheets provided so you are able to do two of the three options.  Of course, you can do all three and use paper at home for the third.

The easiest heart to start with is the 'Blended Heart' because it has very simple steps and focuses on value and blending most.  You will need the half-sheet paper, your watercolor pencils, and eventually your rainbow brushes. :)

Three Options:

Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 10.02.04

Each option is shown one at a time below in the following order:

  • Blended Heart

  • Broken Heart

  • Floral Heart

Follow along with the tutorial, or watch and work on your heart afterwards.  Feel free to email with any questions if you hit a road bump.

Blended Heart

Image by Math

Broken Heart


Image by Math

Floral Heart

Image by Math

Once you are done with your two heart projects, feel free to continue onto "Punny Valentines".


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