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For this project, you will learn how to draw a natural mountain landscape with simple lines and shapes.  You will then create the illusion of distance with the size of each detail for your trees and river.

To get started, let's dive into the practice worksheet, which will help you build confidence before creating your two scenes.


Grab your Mountain Scene Practice sheet.

Image by Math

Remember that practice helps us understand the next steps better.  Once you are done, starting the project will feel a bit easier.  You will need to get your work area ready and cover it since we will be using paint.  


- Paint palette

- cup of water

- mixed blue paint

- two small watercolor papers

- pencil and micron maker

- paper towel/napkins



1. Draw lines for the mountains, ground, and river in pencil. 

2. Follow the tutorial and add texture to your mountains.

3. Create a range of trees in various sizes, getting smaller as they go further back. 

4. Fill your area with enough trees to make it feel natural.

5. Trace all pencil in your micron marker.

6. Use the blue paint to fill the sky.

7. Create two mountain scenes and add other details

if you'd like to have a variety of landscapes (You can see some other examples below).

8. Let dry and frame or display during this winter season!

Image by Math

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