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For this project we will explore a playful way of mixing paint inside ornaments! This simple,swirling is an exciting way to add bold color to clear globes. You will be using different hues of blue as a winter-themed cool palette.


Watch the tutorial below and take out all the materials to begin!

IMG_8665 2.heic
Image by Math



- Paint

- Globe ornament

- Ribbon

- Empty cup

- Paper towels or napkins



1. Open up the top of the globe ornament.

2. Drip each color of the blue paint inside the globe.

3. Balance out each color and don't overfill.

4. Cap the globe and gently tap it side to side so the paint mixes.

5. Continue to tap it side to side until each area is filled.

6. Take the cap off and flip the globe over a cup.

7. Allow all paint to empty for 2-3 hours (overnight is suggested).

8. Cap the ornament when dry and add ribbon to hang. ;)


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