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the color box!

a world of color delivered.

introduction: Ages 13+

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Before we put paint to paper, it is important to learn a few "FUN"-damentals!

Color is one of the most compelling elements of art in my opinion. Without it our world would be quite dull.   Think about that.  What would the world look like without it?  Even nature would become a grayed version of its former self.



Many legendary artists explored the world of color long before us and they left behind some remarkable masterpieces for us to enjoy.

Our first step will be to soak in their use of color by taking a look at some of their pieces.  Don't worry, we will visit the FUN items in your box soon, but for now, click the video below to learn something COLORFUL. :)

Image by Math

The hardest part of diving into art history is deciding what paintings to show you!  I hope the examples helped you see how each artist developed his/her own style within the world of color.


Next up is Color Vocabulary! 

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