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the Spring box!

Project 2: Bird Collage

The next project will be two parts:  a textured background and the bird collage.  You will need all the papers in your box.  Please think of the colors you'd like to use for both areas (background + the bird) and organize your papers ahead of starting.  You will use the tissue paper, music notes, old book paper, and any patterned paper you wish for the background.  These colors should be very different from the colors you'll use for the bird silhouette.


What you will need:

  • Large paper provided

  • Bird template

  • Textured papers

  • Tissue paper

  • Book/Music papers

  • Scissors

  • Glue bottle

  • Brush

Image by Math

^^^ Watch the above video to work on your bird collage background first.

Image by Math

When you are finished with your bird and background, click next to start your reflection, then submit a picture of your projects here.


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