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tie-dye square

project 2: All ages

It's time for another fun project of color exploration!  Yes, you get two projects in this box!  You will create a tie-dye square! This activity will be a simple fold and dip session, but you'll need all the watercolors full on your palette, so take some time to add more paint and water if that is needed!  If you are ready, move on to the steps below.

Supplies needed:


- magical square paper

- color wheel (for reference)

- watercolors

- palette full with colors

step one: fold!


- Fold the square paper in half to make a rectangle.


- Then fold it again into a smaller square.

step two: dip!


Dip each corner of the folded square into a color of your choice.


Each corner will be filled with color like above. ^^^


Then, fold the square in half. 

Be careful, you might get paint on your hands.


Now dip each fold into a color.


Open it and refold it the opposite direction.

Dip the folds into color too.

Open it to make sure it is completely filled with color everywhere.

If an area is still white, fold and re-dip that spot.

step three: open + dry


Look at the tie-dye effect you've created!!!

These are simple yet so bold with color. 

Use the extra squares to make more!

*CHALLENGE: come up with new ways of folding each square.

You can then frame these separately into a collection for your wall.

Or you can cut the paper into new shapes and designs to make new art!

Or you can use them as a background for photos!

What creative ways will you use these squares?  Be sure to share!

Watch the tutorial below:

Image by Math

Congratulations on making your tie-dye squares!

When you are officially done with this activity, click next!

Did something go wrong and it feels like a #DIYfail? 

Reach out here with a photo so I can help.


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