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3-d pumpkin scene
project 2 #fallBOX

To start your pumpkin scene, you will practice drawing it section by section.  Then you will explore how to add texture within your scene. Take out the included "3D Pumpkin" practice sheet along with a pencil and watch the instructional video below.

Materials:  3D Pumpkin practice sheet, pencil


Image by Math

3d pumpkin project

1. Find the 3D Pumpkin practice sheet, use a pencil to

draw each section of the pumpkin.

2. Practice creating value with crayons or the oil pastels.

3. After practicing, gather materials for the project:

Black paper

Oil pastels


4. Draw the pumpkin with pencil on the black paper.

5. Use orange pastels to fill the sections of the pumpkin.

6. Use the other lighter hues of orange to create the 3D form.

7. Fill each section with lighter colors until each area is filled.

8. Add grass with greens with the line pattern shown below.

9. Add details to the sky with blues and swirling lines.


video tutorial


The video below will walk you through all the steps described above

to help you through the pumpkin building process. 

Submit any questions here if you need DIY help. :)

Image by Math

Once you are done, click next to

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