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ziplock bag art!
follow the tutorial below

I am so excited you get to create this fun project with me! This is one of my favorite DIY projects because it uses materials in an unexpected way.

You will learn how to create a "watercolor" technique with markers and a ZIPLOCK bag! Sounds crazy right?

Get out the following items from your DIY Kit:


- Watercolor paper with quote

- Sharpie

- Sponge and water

- Masking Tape (if you have it)

- Washable Markers (3 provided)

- Ziplock Baggie

- Brush or Spray bottle



Prepare your space:

1. Unroll the quote paper in your kit. 

2. If you have tape, tape the edges down flat.

3. Use a damp sponge to wet the paper completely.

4. Let it air dry.  This will flatten out the rolled shape.  If you don't have tape/sponge, you can place it under heavy books for a day.

Start the Process:

5. Use Sharpie to trace your quote.

6. Add your signed name at the bottom.

7. Take out your ziplock baggie and color it with the markers provided.  Do NOT color on the watercolor paper, only on the baggie. :) *You can use other washable markers if you have more colors to add variety. 

8. Overlap the markers on your baggie, blend where they "meet"


Adding Water:

9.  Lightly spray or use a brush to flick water onto the baggie.  This adds water to the blended color.

10. Take the ziplock baggie and carefully flip it onto the quote you traced.  Start near the top because the bag will only cover halfway down your sheet

11. Dry your baggie and repeat the process until the entire quote is covered.  Let dry. Frame or hang as the masterpiece it is!

Image by Math

If you are finished can you share your work with me here or tag @diyartstudios on Facebook or Instagram

Seeing what you've made makes my heart smile because ultimately, I've built a business around encouraging others to create.   Giving you a space to do that is everything! 

Getting to see your work, is even better!

If you'd like to enjoy more, feel free to order a DIY art box below!


Done with your project?

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