the winter box!


Let's get down to creating!!!

You will learn about each animal through the practice worksheet shown below.  Six animals are provided for this practice round regardless of which animal you will create for your final.  Feel free to learn each one for fun!

Get out your pencil and the Woodland Animal Practice sheet.

Remember that practice helps us understand the next steps better.  Drawing with pencil helps us prepare our hands for painting the same steps later.  


- Paint palette

- cup of water

- brushes

- watercolor paper with animal outline

- pencil + eraser



1. Trace the outline of the animal with your pencil. 

2. Follow the tutorial and draw the animal details first.

3. Find your animal example below. 

4. Find the matching colors on your palette so you know which colors to use when you paint.

5. Paint each area and wait 15-30 minutes to allow areas to dry.

6. Continue to fill new paint sections.

7. Allow it all to dry before painting fur texture.

(^^^ Fur is an optional step for older age learners)

8. Cut out a white border around your animal when it is dry.

The examples above show each animal with fur texture added.

Remember this is optional and should only be done if the layers of paint are completely dry.

Cut it out and leave a thin white border around the shape.


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