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the winter box!

choose your landscape

We learned about neutral colors and how they can help create a winter landscape.  Before you decide which landscape is best for you, it is time to practice!

Get out your pencil and the Landscape Practice sheet.

Image by Math

Remember that practice helps us understand the next steps better.  Drawing with pencil helps us prepare our hands for painting the same steps later.  


- Paint palette

- cup of water

- brushes

- blank watercolor paper

- pencil + eraser



1. Decide which of the three landscapes you'd like to create:

easy, pine, or birch

2. Watch the tutorial for the one you've selected

3. Follow each step and use plenty of water.

4. Paint layers and allow drying time between steps

5. Continue to fill new paint sections.

6. Place your animal or snowman over the background when it is dry and finished.

IMG_0195 2.heic


IMG_0196 2.heic


IMG_0198 2.heic


Select the landscape most appropriate for your skill level. ^^^

Then watch the tutorial for it below.

Image by Math
Image by Math
Image by Math

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