We were born into creation to create.

Create Outside the Box is looking to serve up a dose of creative instruction that works 24 hours a day.  The intention is to build a hub rich with resources + learning that will increase artistic expression + confidence!


Whether you'd like to provide an Arts Curriculum for home schooling, supplement public/private with after-school anytime lessons, or gift your passionate artist with all the art lessons he/she can handle... know that the doors of DIY Art Studio are always open!


Currently, we are seeking 100 artists for an initial pilot program. This will be offered at a low introductory rate as a thank you for being a part of the creative process.


If you'd like to sign up your child (age 5-18) submit interest below! (A pre-school version of the academy will roll out in 2020.) You can be assured that the DIY Art Academy curriculum will provide incredible opportunities personally developed by me!

Every lesson will  include 7 components:

  • An introduction

  • A practice sketch activity

  • Visuals/Variations

  • Artist/Period History

  • A Hands-on Project

  • Critique & Reflection

  • Extra resources

If you enroll in the pilot program please select the "basic"  or  "premium" option on how to receive the lessons.  A comparison of both options is provided below.

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