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tinted sky

Background for holiday trees

project 1: part II

Approximate time: 30 min-1hr

As we continue with watercolor, this next step will have two options:

1. Rows of tinted color

2. Blended tones of blue (option for younger learners)

Here is a photo of what we will be creating.  If the rows are too difficult for you, then feel free to create the second option of blending blue with white.

two options:


Tinted rows of blue - advanced


Blended tints of blue - starter

step one: white!


1. Paint a white circle or moon about the size of a quarter. (Rows)

2. Or, add white to your paper in various areas near the top. (Blends)

step two: add blue!


Add a couple drops of green blue to your white.  Paint a row around the white.

Repeat and mix more blue to darken each row.  Then use the dark blue. (Rows)



Add a couple drops of green blue to your white.  Paint areas of this new tint next to the white and overlap slightly.  Repeat this in all areas with darker tones as you move toward the "ground".  (Blends)

step three: let dry!

Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 4.06.40 PM.png

The worst mistake is rushing to see an outcome. 

Give your project some space.

Create another painting. Take a walk.  Eat lunch.

Wait until it is completely dry. :)

step four: cut snow


Use the strip of paper to create snow drifts. 

Cut 2-3 layers for your snow.

step five: arrange!


Place trees + snow drifts on top of the background and glue in place.

Watch the tutorial here:

Image by Math

After your sky dries, collect your trees and snow drifts. 

Layer each piece over the sky backdrop.

Build your holiday tree landscape however it naturally calls to you! 

My example is only a glimpse of the many ways you can layout your art. 

I like to alternate tree, snow, tree, snow... how do you like to arrange your items?  After you decide your order, glue it in place!

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did making it for you.

When you are officially done you can move onto Peek-a-boo Snowflakes.

Did something go wrong and it feels like a #DIYfail? 

Reach out here with a photo so I can help.


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