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the color box

taped watercolor designs

project 1: Ages 13+

Watercolor is one of my favorite mediums because it FLOWS so beautifully.   Watercolor is not meant to be a solid, thick, goopy application.  It is meant to have a "see-through" quality and a watery texture when it dries.

I've created simple steps for our project.  Up to now, you've practiced the rainbow and color wheel, so you are ready to make your masterpiece. 

Take a look at the pictures and then watch the tutorial so you can absorb all the steps!

Supplies needed:


- watercolor paper

- color wheel (for reference)

- washi tape (2 rolls in box)

- palette with colors

- brush

- water

step one: Tape!


Use the tape included to create new shapes across your paper.  Create a pattern or design with the tape. You can use the images below as inspiration or search for other examples as a reference too.


step two: Paint!

IMG_8342 2.jpg

Fill each area with the color theme of your choice!

rainbow order

primary colors

secondary colors

tertiary colors

neighboring colors

warm colors

cool colors





Also, consider your color placement.  Maybe add color to your design in a pattern too? Or perhaps organize the color in random order.  How can you plan your space for color arrangement?

step three: let dry!

Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 4.06.40 PM.png

The worst mistake is rushing to see an outcome. 

Give your project some space.

Create another painting. Take a walk.  Eat lunch.

Wait until it is completely dry. :)

step four: remove tape


Gently remove the tape from all areas to reveal the white lines!

step five: be amazed!


Look at what you've accomplished! 

Take in the watery textures and lines of your masterpiece!

This is such a simple project that can lead to so many exciting outcomes!

Watch the tutorial here:

Image by Math

Congratulations on your first attempt!  Please use the extra watercolor paper to try again in a different way!  What can you change about your taped layout? What can you do different the second time?

When you are officially done painting, click next!

Did something go wrong and it feels like a #DIYfail? 

Reach out here with a photo so I can help.


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