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summer SKIES!
project 1 #SUMMERBOX

To start your chalked skies, you will practice blending with chalk on the first practice sheet in your box. This exercise will help you understand how you will use different types of color to create layers, highlights, and shadows. 

Chalk can be messy, so have a paper towel handy that way you can tap extra chalk shavings onto the towel. This will be helpful as you work on your practice steps and sky project.

Materials:  Summer Sky practice sheet, chalk, black paper, pencil, glue


Image by Math

1. Using the Summer Skies practice sheet, select tones of blue.

2. Organize from light to dark for your waves.

3. Use the chalk to fill each wave.

4. Use white or lighter colors as highlights at the top of each wave.

5. Use darker colors as shadows at the bottom of each wave.

6. Fill each area and practice making each wave 3D.

7. Add oranges and yellows to the sky.


chalked summer skies


1. Draw 4-5 waves with pencil on the black paper.

2. Draw the sun and its rays.

3. Use glue to trace each line.

4. Let dry completely before moving forward.


5. Select blue colors of chalk ranging from light to dark.

6. Use the lightest color blue to fill the first wave.

7. Spread out the chalk thick and use your pointer finger to blend.

8. Tap excess powder off of your page.

9. Continue this process until all waves are filled, darker as you move back.

10. Use lighter tones (white and blues) to create highlights.

11. Use darker tones (blues and grey) to create shadows.

12. Fill waves and add value to make it 3D.

13.  Fill the sky last with yellows and oranges just as you practiced.

Image by Math

video tutorial


Follow along with the video below.  See the steps in order to help understand the process as you create your seascape. Be sure to draw your layered waves clearly and trace with glue in thick lines. Allow it to dry thoroughly before moving forward with chalk. 

Submit any questions here if you need DIY help. :)

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