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project 1 #FALLBOX

To start your still life about fruit, you will practice dividing your space with a line.  The first practice sheet in your box will help you through this activity. This exercise will help you understand how you will create new shapes within your space by filling it with a simple overlapping line.  

It is important to draw a line with large shapes.  If you draw too much detail, it will create hard areas for you to color later. 

Materials:  Practice sheet, pencil, crayons/marker


Image by Math

1. Find the Shattered Fruit practice sheet, use a pencil first.

2. Trace the dotted line slowly.

3. Add more of the loopy line throughout the space to create new shapes.

4. Draw slowly and create clear, large shapes.

5. Try to use crayons here and save the oil pastels for your project. 

6. select different hues of red. Find a dark red, orange red, violet red, and pinks.

7. Draw a "fence" for each shape and color inside it carefully.

8. Fill each area inside your apple with different reds.

9. Alternate and use reds again in different places.

10. Once the apple is filled, then select a background color.

11. Find many hues of that new color: yellows, greens, blues, etc.

12. Fill each shape with a different version of that new color.

This is practice, so take your time and gain confidence.

When you are ready, move onto the project steps. :)

IMG_7186 2.HEIC

shattered fruit project


1. Take out one white paper, oil pastels, and a pencil.

2. Draw one piece of fruit large in the middle:

apple, pear, orange, lemon, cherries, etc.

3. Ask an adult to help you make your fruit large if needed.

4. Draw a line to fill your space.  It can be any kind of line(s).

loopy, zig-zag, curvy, diagonal, horizontal, vertical... etc.


5. Draw slowly and fill the space with new shapes.

6. Select your fruit color and find as many of that color as you can.

7. Start filling each shape inside your fruit with that color.

8. Alternate the colors and fill only inside the fruit.

9. Continue with this until all shapes inside the fruit are filled.

10. When you are done,  select a new color for the background.

11. Find as many hues of that color.

12. Fill the background piece by piece.

13.  When you are done, all areas should be solid with color.

14. Share and upload a picture of your art! @diyartstudios

Image by Math

video tutorial


Follow along with the video below.  See the steps in order to help understand the process as you create your Shattered Fruit.


Be sure to create large areas within your space and color neatly inside each shape. Fill areas THICK like peanut butter. 

Submit any questions here if you need DIY help. :)

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