Create Outside the Box will supply two complete art projects along with practice activities to engage any learner in an all inclusive art experience.  Developed by a certified art teacher, each box provides all the materials, tutorials, and engaging support you need to succeed! 


Deliver FUNdamentals for any age!  You can specify the age range of the box so it can accommodate the skill level of the receiver. Whether you are artistically inclined or creatively challenged, why not see what a box can do for you!


You can also make the first monthly delivery a themed box! 

  • Birthday

  • Celebration

  • Encouragement

  • General/no theme


Be sure to select your option below!


Boxes change topics each month, so your first monthly box will be determined at the time of purchase.  Each month, the content will align seasonally for the creator to enjoy!


So get ready to roll up your sleeves or spread the love of creativity to another by this creative subscription!  You are saving $10 per box by subscribing monthly!

Create Outside the Box: Gift Subscription

$59.99 Regular Price
$49.99Sale Price
  • First and foremost, I want to graciously thank you for purchasing (or considering a purchase) with DIY Art Studio! 

    I personally pack, HUG, and deliver every box because each purchase helps to fulfill my dream of extending the joy of creativity to others.  YOUR PURCHASE TRULY MATTERS to me and my family!

    That said, when gifting, refunds and returns happen.  I get that!  My goal is to make every customer EXCEEDINGLY happy with the content and materials of each box.  If that simply didn't happen for you, contact me directly:  with the subject "order concern"

    I will personally address your email and find a way to make your purchase process a joyful one!  This is my DIY guarantee to you!

  • The pandemic can create a sense of unease when making purchases.  I assure you each box is handled with extreme care and safety measures in place.  Materials are santized and have a required 24-hour waiting period before they are shipped out.  This assures boxes arrive to creators safely.