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Watercolor is one of my favorite mediums because it FLOWS so beautifully.   Watercolor is not meant to be a solid, thick, goopy application.  It is meant to have a "see-through" quality and a watery texture when it dries.

I've created simple steps for our project.  Up to now, you've practiced the rainbow and color wheel, so you are ready to make your masterpiece. 

Take a look at the pictures and then watch the tutorial so you can absorb all the steps!

Supplies needed:

- watercolor paper

- color wheel (for reference)

- Square Watercolor paper (WP)

- Square Snowflake paper (SP)

- palette with colors mixed

- brush

- water

step one: paint + overlap

Using the Square Watercolor Paper blend colors and overlap them in any order you wish.  Fill your square from top to bottom.  Feel free to leave small white areas as you collect soft puddles of color.  As you paint use soft brushstrokes, allowing paint to flow. Paint 2 layers.  Allow to dry for 20-40 minutes.

step two: snowflake!

The first step to making a snowflake is folding.

You will use the thin white square paper labeled "SP" (snowflake paper). 



Above, you can see each step. 

This is also shown in the video tutorial below. 

As you fold, align corners carefully. 

Pay attention to the directions so you have a successful outcome.  


Then draw shapes in the designated areas:

mountain peak (one shape)

middle of base (centered)

on each side (3 total on base)

on each side of the mountain

on the bottom corners of the mountain

Always draw against the edge.

Leave a finger space between each shape.


Use scissors to remove each shape.

Ask an adult for help or use the tips I share.

Be careful, you are cutting through layers of paper.

step three: Layer!

Open up that snowflake and reveal the radial symmetry you created!

Once your painted square is dry, lay the snowflake over it and glue it.

The colors will show through the cut-outs of your snowflake and make for a beautiful layered masterpiece!

Watch the tutorial here:

Image by Math

Congratulations on your first attempt!  Please use the extra watercolor paper to try again in a different way!  What can you change about your taped layout? What can you do different the second time?

When you are officially done painting, click next!

Did something go wrong and it feels like a #DIYfail? 

Reach out here with a photo so I can help.


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