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Offering an incredible PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO workshop for attendees who sign up for his session!

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Offering a tutorial on MACRAME key chains or bottle openers for attendees who sign up for her session!

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Offering a SHARPIE ART experience for attendees who sign up for his session!  Jeremy is graciously donating all proceeds of his workshop to Discovery Charter School!

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Offering a CHALKBOARD SIGNAGE workshop for att3endees who sign up for her session!

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Offering an ABSTRACT ALCOHOL INK experience for attendees who sign up for her session!

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Offering CUSTOM CANDLE-MAKING experience for attendees who sign up for her session!

[a bit of craft with a side of beer]

Craft + Beer

A perfect combination right? Crafting in a beer-themed arena!  In fact it makes you wonder why it took so long to merge both worlds into one!

Presented by Here Magazine and DIY Art Studio, you'll explore unexpected workshop sessions such as photography, graffiti art, wood signage, jewelry making, illustration, and abstract art! 

No matter your skill level, you will be guided through simple step-by-step instruction while sipping on the latest ales, lagers, and stouts.  Now who can resist the fun that can unfold from

this 21+ experience?

this mixing crafts with beer?

It'll make you so HOPPY

All of the items will be a "make it and take it" experience where you will be the creator of your own mini-masterpieces. 

Our talented crew will make each step so easy for you!  Creativity is meant to explored by anyone of any age and that is why DIY Art Studio is offering a wide array of events this summer. 

Craft + Beer is a fun chance to dive into creativity without feeling the pressure of doing it all yourself. 

The wine lovers get Wine + Canvas so why not let the beer lovers have a chance to CRAFT?

$45 one session

$80 two sessions

$120 unlimited sessions

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