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the winter box!

Snowman portrait

Let's build a snowman! 

As the final portrait for this WINTERLAND box, you will walk through how to draw and paint a snowman with realistic value.  You will use the labeled sheet of watercolor paper for this activity. 

You will follow the same steps as practiced with the landscape snow for the white areas of the snowman.


1. Draw the snowman with pencil

2. Paint the snow and soft shadows, let dry.

3. Paint the remaining areas and detail.

4. Paint highlights and shadows.

5. Cut out the snowman and leave a white border.

6. Add your snowman to a landscape of your choice.

IMG_0235 2.heic
IMG_0234 2.heic
IMG_0233 2.heic

After you create your snowman, you can select a background.

Image by Math

Watch the tutorial above and follow the directions so you can create your snowman portrait. :)


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