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color wheel + blending

PRACTICE: Ages 8-12

It's time to get things in order!  Color Wheel order of course!

You will practice rainbow order in a different way, because guess what? The more you repeat a step, the better you get at it!  Ever tied your shoe? Or rode a bike? Did you master it the first time you tried? Of course not.

So these steps below will repeat rainbow order but will help you see the relationships of colors around the wheel, just like Sir Isaac Newton intended. ;)

So take out your color wheel sheet and get that brush ready!

1st step: Take out items

Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 9.13.37 PM.png


- Color Blending sheet

- color wheel visual

- palette (white circle with trays)

- watercolors in palette

- cup of water (not pictured)

2nd step: add color!

color wheel:

Start at the top with red and add each color in a clockwise

direction. Each slice receives the next color. 

Be sure to use a small brush for this activity. 


You will have one extra slice leftover, you can blend

blue and purple to get a deep purple tone.

color blending:

Use each row of circles to paint four versions of the same color.

Use neighboring colors to blend and create new hues.

3rd step: watch below

Try to paint every other color to avoid painting wet next to

wet paint. If mixing accidentally occurs, blot it with a paper towel

and try again.  Click "NEXT" below to move onto the project!

As you add color to each circle, blend the next color over it so you can create a new color hue. Can you make 4 different variations?

After you finish your color wheel and color blends, click next to move onto the project!


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